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New Place to Park, Hit the Trail at Sweden Creek Falls

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission - Wednesday, September 02, 2020

A new, larger parking area recently opened at Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area (NA) and the trail has been rerouted to begin there. For several years, parking at the natural area has been inadequate during peak times, causing problems for area residents whose homes are near the natural area.

The new, expanded parking area is located approximately 0.2 mile south of the old parking area on County Road 9/3795 and has approximately 15 parking spots. The old parking area has been closed and signs are posted to direct visitors to the new parking location. Visitors are asked to only park in the designated area (not on the road). If the lot is full, visitors are asked to wait until there is an available parking spot.

The trailhead is now located at the southwest corner of the new parking area. From there, hikers can walk down the trail to visit Sweden Creek Falls, the eighth largest waterfall in Arkansas. The trail splits at approximately 0.5 mile, with one section going along the bluff to the top of the falls and the other going to the bottom of the falls.

Located in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks, Sweden Creek Falls NA is a mix of glades, dry woodlands, dry-mesic woodlands, bluffs, and mesic hardwood forests. An 80-foot waterfall, Sweden Creek Falls is best visited after periods of rain when the water is running at full force.

The Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists have adopted Sweden Creek Falls NA through ANHC’s Adopt a Natural Area Program (ANAP).


Top – Sweden Creek Falls taken overhead. Photo by Bryan Rupar.

Middle – The new parking area and trailhead at Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area.

Bottom – Sweden Creek Falls, the eighth largest waterfall in Arkansas. Photo by Jennifer Akin.












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